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Our Goals

In Triumph our goals are directed to make families feel safe in their homes and so they can create a healthy environment on their families.

To do this we follow the following steps:

Reach out to families in need that doing lot May feel no escape from abuse.
Help families start over.

Build a facility to house families in an environment free from physical, emotional, and verbal abuse.

That Generate funds will enable us to Provide the Following programs: emergency shelter, transitional housing, outreach counseling, Individual and group therapy, children’s therapy, teen counseling, parenting classes and legal services.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to End the epidemic of domestic violence against women and children by stopping individual victimization and reducing the devastating impact of family violence through safety. To achieve it, we meet the immediate needs of those seeking shelter from violence and then, we provide a safe and stable environment for individuals and families to find emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. It is really important to empower individuals and families through education and to break the cycle of violence.

We equip individuals and families to make permanent life changes through career training and placement programs.

Our Staff

Our staff and volunteers are certified according to the Florida statute for “Victim Advocate Privilege.” Our entire staff and volunteers receive 30 training hours per year, as required by the State of Florida.