About Us

triumph group picture

Triumph Crisis Recovery Center is a private not for profit corporation founded in 2012 and received tax exempt status under section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code in 2013.

Triumph Crisis Recovery Center primary purpose is to provide services to survivors of domestic violence and help them stay safe, gain strength, and to increase their knowledge of healthy relationships, the dynamics of domestic violence, services available and victims’ rights.

We are supported through the generous contributions of local businesses, churches, organizations, and individuals.

Our staff provide services with respect and compassion, as advocates for the people we serve. We are assisted by several many volunteers, whose invaluable contributions range from a special one-day event for the children to working every day alongside staff providing essential services.

A volunteer Board of Directors governs the operations of Triumph Crisis Recover Center whose wide range of expertise guides and supports the organization. Our Board consists of committed women who are leaders in private and the non-profit organizations. Our Board works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our agency carries out its mission.

Our clients are doing the hardest and most important work of all, bravely facing the challenges that lie ahead, taking control of their lives and finding hope in the future.