1. What number do I call to get help?

954-499-0909 or 855-874-3332


 2. Do I have to live in Broward County to be able to get help?

No, our doors are open to all that request our help.


 3. What services do you provide?

With the help of local hotel chains, we provide short-term housing.  Long-term housing will be available once our facility is completed.  We also provide counseling (group, individual, children, teen and parenting).  Legal services, transitional housing and immigration services are also available at our center.


 4. I think I might be in a potentially abusive situation but I’m not sure.  Can I still get help?

Yes, domestic abuse is not just limited to physical violence.  We can help you determine if you are in need of help.


 5. How much will it cost me to get help from your facility?

Our services are free of charge to all victims of abuse.


 6. Do you accept pets?

Once our facility is completed, pets will be allowed to accompany displaced families.


 7. Can I donate used clothes or furniture?

Yes, new or almost new items are accepted.  (i.e. adult and baby clothing, baby items, hygiene products, furniture, etc.)  Please email info@tcrcenter.org for more details.